Emoji Cards Family Edition

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Emoji Cards Family Edition
Emoji Cards Family Edition
Emoji Cards Family Edition
Emoji Cards Family Edition

Emoji Cards action that's great for the whole family!

Recommended for ages 6 and up

After Emoji Cards Classic Edition was released, the most common thing we heard was: Can you make another edition that even younger kids can play?

Introducing Emoji Cards Family Edition. With special clue cards for kids as young as six, now the whole family can get in on the action. 

Lay a bunch of the emoji cards out on the table. Pick out a clue card, covering all sorts of topics. Then use the emoji to give your teammates clues about what's on your card. Prove that YOU know how to "speak emoji"!

Emoji Cards Family Edition is new to the market, but its predecessor burst onto the board game scene in 2015 and attracted investments from Shark Tank's Mark Cuban and Nick Cannon.

Both versions are now delighting thousands of players with their unique rules, laugh-out-loud gameplay, and all-out fun party atmosphere. Your family will love playing it again and again as the game changes every time — with hilarious results.

Buy the Family Edition today and have the game nights you've always wanted!

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